Dear Friend of Life,

On May 30, 2018, Charles County Right to Life sent surveys to all registered state and local candidates in the relevant representative districts (Charles County School Board, Charles County Courts, Districts 27a and 28, and Congressional District 5, as well as statewide offices such as US Senate, Governor/Lt. Governor, Comptroller) in an effort to collect and publish information on where the candidates stand on Life Issues.  All candidates were given 2 weeks to respond and a follow-up reminder.  We received 22 responses in total.

Some candidates question why they should answer our survey questions, which are legislative in nature, when they are running for a non-legislative position such as school board.  We respond that School Board is often a spring board to future political aspirations and the voters have a right to know their stance on issues that are relevant to pro-life voters.  Personally, we feel School Board Members should desire to protect the vulnerable at all stages of development.The candidates were asked to state whether they would support or oppose the following:

  1. Support a Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
  2. Support a Dismemberment Abortion Act
  3. Support an Abortions Sought by Minors – Parent or Guardian Consent Act
  4. Oppose a Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill
  5. Support a law requiring the reporting of abortion statistics statewide

​The candidates’ results can be found here:

Download File


Download File


Download File

It cannot be overstated that Charles County Right to Life cannot and does not endorse candidates. We can, however, urge you to vote pro-life.  Every candidate was given the opportunity to respond and at least one follow-up reminder.  If you do not see a candidate listed, consider their name to be annotated with DID NOT REPLY.  As we know from experience, a person choosing not to respond signifies a disagreement with the policy positions of that particular organization.  

Whatever your current affiliations, you have a pro-life choice to make.

For more information on pro-life endorsements and for candidates not included in our own survy, please see the Maryland Right to Life endorsement results here:

Additionally, the Maryland Catholic Conference, which is an organization that lobbies for the prerogatives of the Catholic Church in Maryland, surveyed all candidates on five of their own issues.  There were two pro-life questions pertaining to public funding for abortion and physician-assisted suicide.  If you would like to see how the candidates answered those questions, you may find those results here:  Several District 28 candidates completed this survey.

While this email is for our own CCRTL subscribers, there are thousands of pro-life voters in the state of Maryland who might be sitting this primary season out because they feel they have no good choice.  Please go to our Facebook page and SHARE our results with those voters.  Knowledge is only power if we use it.

May God bless our efforts and soon deliver to us life-affirming governance,

CCRTL Leadership Team

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