Election day is approaching, this coming Tuesday, November 6.  Perhaps the most heated and intense mid-term elections in modern history (or ever?) and the stakes for Maryland have never been higher.  We surveyed our local and state-level candidates again, as we did for the primary election, and have compiled their results here on our blog and social media accounts.  Check our Facebook page often this weekend for relevant voter education.

Our second round of surveys yielded few results.  The two Libertarian candidates for Senate and Congress let us know how they feel about protecting the unborn and the elderly, infirm, and disabled.  A newcomer to the County Commissioner Race let his opinion on the Right to Life be known, and a MD State Senate and MD State Delegate candidate each weighed in on their intent for pro-life laws.  See our table below:

For a copy of the questions asked of the candidates, mirroring those drafted by Maryland Right to Life, you may click here:


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