Dear Friend of Life,

The Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing an important bill THIS Wednesday. SB664, a thinly veiled and so-called “Right to Privacy” amendment would most assuredly enshrine the right to an abortion into the Maryland State Constitution without most constituents even knowing about it.

“But CCRTL, it doesn’t look like an abortion amendment to me.”

It is! Let me be very brief because this email will have a lot of vital information in it and I don’t want to lose you. Firstly, the legality of abortion was decided on a made up constitutional “right to privacy” in Roe vs. Wade. Secondly, in the 1980s, the state of Florida passed a “privacy amendment” by referendum into their state constitution and it was used to strike down pro-life laws.  The General Assembly promised a legislatively referred amendment this year on a woman’s right to abortion and here it is.  

What we need from you:

After that, please consider submitting either written or oral testimony for this bill to Maryland Right to Life, who is taking the lead on this fight. Please email your testimony to Julie ( NO LATER THAN tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10) at noon. Testimony should include:

  • Written Testimony Requirements – please type at the top of testimony.
    • Bill SB664
      Position – Opposed
    • Include your reasons for opposing the bill in a typed response.
  • Oral Testimony – Email Julie if you would be willing to give your testimony orally. The hearing is THIS Wednesday, March 11, at noon. You would have to be present and able to stay for the entire hearing.​

As always, thank you for your PROMPT action on this alert as you can see it is very time-sensitive.  Also, as email programs are filtering emails that come from distribution programs like Flocknote, please forward this email to 50 Maryland Friends. Ask them to send it to another 50. This is the grassroots; this is how we work.


Ali Rak
CCRTL, President

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