Dear friend of life,This year Charles County sponsored two Life Chain locations…the usual on Rt 6 in La Plata, plus a new one on Rt 231 in Benedict.The Life Chain in La Plata (in front of the courthouse) had 52 people holding signs (plus maybe 15 young kids in tow).  The line of signs 

stretched from the Courthouse to Rt 301 and included several signs on the northbound Rt 301.  Two Catholic priests from Sacred Heart Church attended (Father Larry Swink and Father Sam Plummer).  I would like to thank Jennifer Crispell for organizing and coordinating the La Plata effort.

The Life Chain in Benedict had 12 in attendance (all with ties to the Latin Mass at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church).  The signs were along Rt 231, at Benedict Avenue.  I would like to thank Father Kevin Cusick for taking the initiative to set up the Benedict location.  Next year, with better promotion on my part, attendance at Benedict should be greater.  Several Calvert County residents attended the La Plata location said that, had they known about the Benedict effort, they would have stopped at the Patuxent River and attended the Benedict location.

Many cars passed by and honked in favor.

I would also like to thank the pastors of the churches which promoted the prayerful witness.

The next area wide event will be praying in front of Planned Parenthood from 10-11 am on October 14.  Mark your calendars…details will be forthcoming.

May God bless our efforts.
Sid Marcus
Charles County Right to Life

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