Sometimes we don’t know who we are reaching

We collect email addresses everywhere we go.  Programs, emails forwarded to us, and most years from the Charles County Fair.  This past October 13, we gathered to pray at the Planned Parenthood in Waldorf as we always do.  A woman decided to join us who has been on our email list for 3 years but has never even opened one sent to her!  However, because of a recent personal tragedy, she decided that she would like to be more active in standing for her beliefs.  God was surely bringing light to a dark situation.  Her prayers for the unborn and the closure of that facility will be powerful.

Additionally, we had a pastor and his wife join us for the first time.  After being moved by Abby Johnson’s speech at the Catherine Foundation Gala and speaking to another CCRTLer at the gala, he decided to check us out!  Never stop sharing opportunities, because this fight is not just for the unborn, elderly, and infirm, it’s for the betterment of our own souls as well.

Join us next month, November 10 at the Waldorf Planned Parenthood for more prayers and peaceful protest.

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