My husband loves to plant a garden. Months ahead of time, he goes online and orders seeds. When they come in, the bag tells us which vegetable or fruit plant they have the potential to be. He orders squash, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and even at times, some cantaloupe. How did the manufacturer know which plant those seed would grow into? Well that’s easy: They came from the fruit or vegetable itself.

If any of you have studied science in school, you will know that when you cut open fruits or vegetables, most of the time you will find seeds inside. Each of those seeds has the potential to grow into the type of plant it is already destined to be. All it needs is some special ingredients like soil with the right kind of minerals in it, water, and sunshine. This is basic science.

So how do we know a human is a human? We look at the seeds. To form a human being, a seed from a human female and a seed from a human male mix together and with the right ingredients, it begins to form into a human being. The same process takes place for reproduction of an elephant, a turkey, or a dog. Two seeds from the same species forms a being of the same species.

During the process, the fetus may not always look like a human being. In fact, most children will tell you it looks like an alien. But does a green bean plant always look like a full grown green bean plant? Does that mean it’s anything other than a green bean plant? No. The same logic applies to human beings.

When it comes to abortion, the ultimate question we have to ask ourselves is this:
Do we have the right to take the life of an innocent human being? 

​This is black and white. There cannot be any exceptions. It’s a human or it isn’t. Human beings either have a right to life or not, no matter their size, level of development, brain function, location, skin color, race, or religion.

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